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Minicards provides your business with an attractive and unique way to advertise to NYC visitors and hotel guests. Your Minicards all-in-one package includes: card design, printing and year round distribution. Click here for Advertising Information »

New York City hotel concierges are delighted with this new way of providing information about local museums, attractions, tours, restaurants, shopping locations, services and other popular tourist locations. View our Network of Hotels »

Minicards are small credit -card sized marketing tools that deliver short, insightful suggestions and special offers. Most importantly, on the back of each Minicard we place a detailed map of the location. Read more about the Minicards Concept »

Minicards displays are often near the concierge or directly in the lobby providing a wealth of information about the city. In some cases the concierge staff will use Minicards to directly recommend your attraction, museum, tour, restaurant, shop, service or venue.

Our service is FREE to qualifying locations! Our fees are paid by the advertisers whose Minicards we distribute to our Minicards Display Locations! Click Here to Request A Minicards Display »