Our Client Testimonials

  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck

    Top of the Rock Observation Deck

    "Top of the Rock Observation Deck has been working with MINICARDS since 2009. MINICARDS have been a valuable and effective partner in marketing to the tourists in New York City and have been a leader in increasing traffic to our attraction.We track redemptions on all of our promotions, and MINICARDS have proven themselves to be a top performer.
    Many thanks to MINICARDS for their contribution to our success!"

    Kate Chinn
    Marketing Manager
    Top of the Rock Observation Deck

  • NBC Studio Tours

    NBC Studio Tours

    "We have been pleasantly surprised with how quickly we received a return on our investment with MINICARDS. From the customer service to the variety of guests that are redeeming cards, we could not be happier with the MINICARDS program. We look forward to another strong year!" 

    Brandon Warner
    Senior Manager
    Marketing and Operations, NBC Studio Tour

  • Madame Tussauds

    Madame Tussauds

    "I write this letter with great pleasure! As you know, our company is keen on tracking redemptions, and I am delighted with the results produced by MINICARDS . Since the inception of the program we saw immediate results, and they appear to keep growing. I look forward to renewing into the New Year and continuing developing our relationship with MINICARDS, USA.
    Thanks for your support."

    Rosemary del Prado
    Director of Marketing - USA East
    Merlin Entertainment's Group
    Madame Tussauds New York & Washington D.C.

  • Century 21 Department Store

    Century 21 Department Store

    "After only 3 months with MINICARDS we noticed a very successful redemption rate and are very eager to extend our contract. I find the MINICARDS program to be a very useful tool in bringing new customers into our Manhattan location.
    It is great doing business with you and appreciate all your assistance to get this program up and running"

    Heather Feinmel
    Century 21 Department Store
    Marketing & Brand Manager

  • Macy's


    "We have just been going over our redemption numbers and I must say you and your MINICARDS never cease to amaze me. Every single month you are on the top and by a tremendous number.
    Your service is worth every penny we pay for it."

    Nancy Gallagher
    Manager Tourism Partnerships,Tourism Marketing and Developmentbr /> Macy's Inc

  • NBA Store of Fifth Avenue

    NBA Store of Fifth Avenue

    “When the NBA Store moved to its new location, we looked to Minicards to help generate awareness of our new store.Their large distribution in key areas around the city consistently helps to drive sales and traffic. We look forward to our continued partnership and another successful year. ”

    Rachel Krefetz
    Manager, Retail Marketing

  • NHL Store

    NHL Store

    “MINICARDS has been a solid marketing investment for the NHL Powered by Reebok Store. Redemption rates exceed the most high-profile publications and marketing outlets in NYC. Excellent service and strong ROI made this an easy renewal decision going forward.”

    Dan Near
    Manager, Retail Sales and Marketing
    NHL Store

  • Knicks


    “The New York Knicks took part in the MINICARDS program during the 2008-11 seasons and certainly assure the program is an excellent opportunity to reach tourists and hotel guests. Offering an exclusive individual ticket deal enabled the Knicks to maximize a significant ROI.”

    Jordan Maleh
    Coordinator, Marketing
    New York Knicks

  • Build-a-Bear Workshop

    Build-a-Bear Workshop

    “Build-A-Bear Workshop is pleased to announce that it has extended its partnership with MINICARDS NYC for another consecutive year.
    MINICARDS have been instrumental in driving incremental Guests to our Flagship Build-A-Bear Workshop location. MINICARDS have proven to be a strategic partner that consistently delivers a valuable, turnkey product that gets results.”

    Oliver J. Berman
    Marketing Bear
    Build-A-Bear Workshop®

  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

    Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

    “The Intrepid Sea,Air & Space Museum could not be happier with our relationship with Minicards NYC.We track all of our marketing programs and Minicards consistently performs on an extremely high level; bringing in several thousand visitor's every year. We've been with Minicards since 2008 and are looking forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come. Thanks Minicards!”

    Desiree Scialpi
    Director of Marketing
    Intrepid Sea,Air & Space Museumr

  • Ripley's Believe It or Not!

    Ripley's Believe It or Not!

    “We have been very deliberate regarding our marketing spend at Ripley’s Times Square, requiring a great ROI for any mediums we choose to use. MINICARDS has consistently been one of our top performers and easily surpasses our benchmark of a good investment. I would highly recommend their program to any property looking to drive business.”

    Michael Hirsch
    President/General Manager
    Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Times Square

  • Bodies... The Exhibition

    Bodies... The Exhibition

    “MINICARDS has been highly effective for Bodies…The Exhibition in NYC.We continuously track the response and conversion rates for this program and each month MINICARDS registers as one of our most consistent and successful advertising and sales tools.We’ve been working with MINICARDS for several years and look forward to a continuous and prosperous relationship for many years to come.”

    Abby Endres
    Running Subway LLC

  • Dave Busters

    Dave Busters

    “I can't say enough positive things about my experience with mini cards! It has been great exposure for dave and busters and been consistently one of our highest performing promotions! They really make the process seamless and add new locations all the time!”

    Benjamin Maddy
    Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Blue Man Group

    Blue Man Group

    "We have consistently seen our sales increase year over year with Minicards. Minicards are a great way to be in front of tourists when they are making their buying decisions and giving them a special discount only helps turn their curiosity into a sale."

    Danielle Pakradooni

  • Tasti D-lite

    Tasti D-lite

    "TastiDlite in Times Square has worked with MINICARDS since 2012 and has had a very good response to them. The placement throughout their distribution locations has helped us increase the exposure we need and has brought in sales numbers we never would have had without them.
    We are continuing our relationship with them and are looking forward to more success!"

    Bill Warshaw
    TastiDlite Times Square

  • Disney Theatrical Group

    Disney Theatrical Group

    “MINICARDS has been a great help to our business.The multiple points of distribution has allowed us to get our sales message into venues that would otherwise be unavailable to us. Consumers like the MINICARDS’ convenient size and are more likely to carry this collateral on their person than a full-sized flyer. The coded offers we have run on MINICARDS have performed very well and we have been very pleased with the return. It is consistent week to week and over a yearly period it really adds up.”

    Jason Zammit
    Marketing Coordinator
    Disney Theatrical Group

  • Miami Seaquarium

    Miami Seaquarium

    “MINICARDS has provided an excellent means to reach visitors in Greater Miami and the Beaches. Each month MINICARDS brings hundreds of visitors to visit Miami Seaquarium.”

    Eric A. Eimstad
    Vice-President / Sales and Marketing
    Miami Seaquarium

  • Macy's


    “MINICARDS has been an extremely successful marketing tool for us this past year. MINICARDS is efficient and effective way of reaching visitors in the area through many distribution points. We look forward to continuing and growing our partnership.”

    Carla Landeo-McQuide
    Regional Manager Visitor Services & Tourism
    Macy's Inc

  • Island Queen Cruises

    Island Queen Cruises

    “We are delighted that MINICARDS has exceeded our expectations. They continue to outperform most advertising mediums in the Miami area. The MINICARDS might be small but the results are huge.”

    Ryan Guerra
    Marketing and Production Manager
    Island Queen Cruises

  • Sawgrass Recreation Park

    Sawgrass Recreation Park

    “Even in our slowest time of the year MINICARDS is one of our best forms of marketing!”

    Christina Soverns
    Sawgrass Recreation Park

  • Zoological Society of Florida/Zoo Miami

    Zoological Society of Florida/Zoo Miami

    “MINICARDS has been a very successful way for us to reach visitors in our area. The redemption has been phenomenal and the size of the card makes it very convenient for our guests. Thank you MINICARDS!”

    Andrea Obregón
    Integrated Communications & Events Manager
    Zoological Society of Florida/Zoo Miami

  • Fishing Headquarters, Fort Lauderdale

    Fishing Headquarters, Fort Lauderdale

    “MINICARDS is one of the best ways to reach visitors looking local attractions and things to do in our area. This is our third successful year with MINICARDS and we are very pleased with the results.”

    Capt.Andy Roydhouse
    Fishing Headquarters, Fort Lauderdale

  • Flamingo Gardens

    Flamingo Gardens

    “I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much Minicards of Florida has done for this attraction.
    We started advertising with MINICARDS in 2008 and in the 3 years, our redemptions have more than tripled. We are so satisfied with the distribution and promotion of this medium. Our guests love the colorful cards and their size.
    We find that the value is unbeatable. The cost to redemption ratio is one of the highest of all our trackable coupons. We intend on having a partnership with Minicards of Florida for a long time.”

    Claudia Piranio
    Director of Administrative Services
    Flamingo Gardens

  • Pasha's Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

    Pasha's Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

    “Pasha’s is so proud to be part of the MINICARDS family, we receive various redemptions from the program and people love the convenience of picking the MINICARDS up directly at their hotel. The pocket size card is also a plus as it is easy for people to carry and keep until they are ready to use at our restaurants.
    Keep up the great work and we look forward to a long lasting relationship. ”

    Alessandra Grieco
    Marketing Manager
    Pasha's Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

  • Miami BeachSports

    Miami BeachSports

    “Minicards are a great investment and are working for the company’s advantage!”/p>

    Shawn Galicic
    Miami BeachSports