What We Do

The Minicards Concept - Design, Printing & Distribution


Minicards offers advertisers direct reach to Millions of consumers visiting NYC and South Florida each year! The cards provide tourists with information at a glance for Shopping Destinations, Attractions, Museums, Broadway Shows and Restaurants.



The front of each Minicard features relevant advertiser information...category, logo, photo and text. The reverse side contains necessary contact information together with a printed map to easily find your location. The compact format allows tourists to place the Minicards that interest them in their pocket or wallet and to present upon their purchase. We encourage all advertisers to include a small discount or special offer, so as to accurately measure the rate-of-response.


We print Minicards for our clients.  Our clients do not need to worry about the quantities or storing the cards.  We have a storage facility and we operate and distribute the Minicards from this location in each city.


We distribute Minicards to our network of hundreds of hotels, tourist attractions, tourist information centers, and other high traffic locations.  We have a great distribution network that gives our clients the exposure they deserve.  Our distribution and logistics is always in the field replenishing our displays so tourists can benefit from all the value of Minicards and our clients can see a significant return on their investment.

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